5 Meat Cured Charcuterie Selection


A lovely selection of charcuterie specialties from the eastern French region of Savoie which is famed for (amongst other things) the excellent quality of its cured meat products.
Wild Boar Saucisson – Made from the leaner meat of Wild Boar, this classic saucisson is slightly drier than pork saucisson and has a deeper, meatier flavour.
Venison Saucisson – A wonderfully complex combination of the Venison’s gamier yet slightly sweet flavour make this an excellent addition to the cured meat selection.
Duck Magret – Moulard Duck Breast is cured for 30 days enhancing the wonderful, rich flavours of the duck whilst keeping the slightly moist, pleasant texture of the breast.
Noix de Jambon (pork) – From the finest part of the ham, this delicious, nutty, slightly sweet cut is hand cured and air dried for 3 months in order to create the delicious, complex flavours.
Beef Tavaillon – A Savoyard specialty, the noble fillet is traditionally dried and then marinated in a gorgeous plum brandy, enhancing the beef’s subtle flavour.


We just love juicy, fresh, crunchy reds with little or no oak ageing to pair with our charcuterie selection (and actually charcuterie in general). We have plenty of suggestions from our selection but a couple of absolute standouts are (in no particular order) - Matthieu Barret’s Côtes-du-Rhône Petit Ours Syrah from the Northern Rhône Valley in France, Steve Pannell’s Garnacha Basso from McLaren Vale in Australia and Anna Nitthaus’ gorgeous Blaunfränkisch from Burgenland in Austria. They all display vibrant, crunchy acidity to cut through the delicious sweet fattiness of the meat as well as bags of juicy, pure red fruit to balance the inherent saltiness found in the meats.

Product Code: MCS001