Lamberton & Jackson, Maldon Cured & Smoked Salmon


The key to the quality of Lamberton & Jackson’s Smoked Salmon is small smoke batches along with their secret, dry salting process and the exquisite blend of oak and beech used to smoke the salmon. It ensures the unique, subtle yet complex flavour profile. Smooth and sophisticated, the Maldon Cure is an ideal way to enjoy proper artisanal smoked salmon.


So many pairing options are available and come to mind with Smoked Salmon anything from a lovely Sancerre through to dry Alsatian Rieslings or even La Giustiniana's gorgeous single vineyard Lugarara Gavi di Gavi. We are going with a tried and true combo that shares more than part of its name with the above. Domaine de Bel Air’s, Pouilly Fumé (Fumé means smoked in French) is a lovely expression of Sauvignon Blanc from the eastern part of the Loire Valley. As the name suggests it has an underlying smoky nuance combined with an abundance of grassy, citrusy, mineral characters that will pair wonderfully with the sweet, smoky flavours of the Salmon whilst the vibrancy of the wine will help to cut through the fatty richness.

Product Code: LJMC001