Comté - 24 Month Aged


24 month aged Comté is a more serious offering of this wonderful cheese and has a nuttier flavour profile and is a ‘step up’ in terms of the complex aroma profile and starts to be crunchier, saltier and sharper from a flavour and texture point of view.


As is the case above, the best wines to pair with Comté are without doubt those from the region of Jura and we have an absolute banger on the shelves, Domaine des Marnes Blanches’ Savignin, En Quatre Vis, 2016. Made out of necessity when the Domaine had to hold back half the 2016 vintage to keep the cash flow after the disastrous 2017 vintage, the wine was aged for an extra year in large casks which add a wonderful nutty, toasty complexity to a super fresh Savagnin. These elements pair up perfectly with the saltier, shaper flavours of the 24 month aged Comté. One could do worse than Giant Steps Chardonnay which has just enough oak ageing (and perfectly integrated) to provide the toasty, savoury notes that work best with a longer aged Comté.

Product Code: COM2401