Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Les Ursulines, Jean-Claude Boisset, Burgundy, FRA


Juice 2018 Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Les Ursulines, Jean-Claude Boisset, Burgundy, FRA
Grape 100% Pinot Noir
Farming Vegan
Tasting Note Pronounced aromas of wild strawberry and raspberry with hints of black pepper. On the palate, flavours of juicy red fruits and sweet spice are well balanced with bright, lifted acidity and round, silky tannins.


Jean-Claude Boisset was radically transformed with the arrival in 2002 of winemaker Grégory Patriat, one of the best viticulturists/winemakers of his generation in Burgundy. Grégory had spent the previous three years working in the vineyards at Domaine Leroy and still spends a great deal of his time in the vineyards, paying his growers by the hectare in order to ensure low yields.


Grégory prefers to work with organic growers, as he finds they produce better fruit. Unlike other Burgundian négociants, he specialises in making wines from 'lieu-dits' or tiny plots of vines, something which accounts for the limited production of his wines. The fruit for this wine comes from old vines, mostly from the Côte-de-Nuits, which ensures that the quality of the blend is far higher than that of a standard Bourgogne. This is an excellent value Red Burgundy and a great expression of Pinot Noir.


Our number one choice for the more elegant expression of Pinot Noir we are talking about above would be various charcuterie, anything from simple saucisse sèche, to paté, rillettes and or terrines. The freshness of the wine helps to cut through the fatty richness of the charcuterie. More subtle meats like chicken and rabbit would be an absolute winner too even with a lovely creamy mushroom jus.

Bottle Size 750ml

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