Pinot Gris, Greywacke, Malrborough, NZ


Juice 2017 Pinot Gris, Greywacke, Malrborough, NZ
Grape 100% Pinot Gris
Farming Traditional
Tasting Note Ripe and opulent, a lush concoction of baked figs, poached pears and crystallised ginger drizzled with Manuka honey and a light sprinkling of soft brown sugar. A voluptuous off-dry style with excellent concentration.


Greywacke was created in 2009 by Kevin Judd, chief winemaker at Cloudy Bay from its inception for 25 years and instrumental in the international recognition which Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc enjoys now. The name 'Greywacke' was adopted by Kevin for his first Marlborough vineyard located in Rapaura in recognition of the high prevalence of rounded greywacke river stones in the soils of the vineyard, a sedimentary rock which is widely found in Marlborough. Kevin Judd is also New Zealand's finest wine photographer and has recently published a book 'The Landscape of New Zealand Wine'.


Kevin Judd is to Marlborough what Neil Armstrong was to the moon landing, what Colonel Sanders was to Kentucky Fried Chicken. He’s also an exceptional wine maker to boot and we just love his sexy, silky, seductive expression of Pinot Gris. It slides down your throat like a fireman down the proverbial pole and every mouthful has you yearning for more.


The richness and residual sugar that the wine displays calls for bolder flavours be it spice or richer, fattier cuts of meats such as pork belly. It will pair very well with astringent cheeses such as stilton or Gorgonzola picante. Spicy curries would be a winner, provided the proteins are fish or white meat based as well as the sweet end of the spectrum, citrus, stone and tropical fruit based desserts would also work wonderfully well.

Bottle Size 750ml

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