Madeira, Boal, Justino’s, Madeira, POR


Juice 10 Y.O. Madeira, Boal, Justino’s, Madeira, POR
Grape 100% Boal/Bual (Malvasia Fina)
Farming Traditional, Vegan
Tasting Note Intense characters of molasses and raisins on the nose. Medium bodied, the wine is powerful with very complex flavours of spices and nuts on the long, pleasant finish.


Justino's is one of the oldest producers of Madeira, having been in existence since 1870, when it was known as Justino Henriques. Today, Justino's is owned by the French company La Martiniquaise, which built a modern winery in Cancela, Santa Cruz. With these facilities, they sought to combine traditional vinification practices with the most advanced technology. Fruit is sourced from all over the island, with only the best areas and vineyards selected for the different grape varieties. The robustness and longevity of Madeira, even once opened, allows for endless experimentation with food pairings and drinking occasions..


The island of Madeira is of volcanic origin and the composition of the soils varies depending on the altitude of the vineyard. Most of the island's soil is made up of basaltic matter. At low altitudes the soils are darker and more compact, indicating high levels of iron, while at higher altitudes, trachytic rocks with their rough, gritty surface are more evident. We just love how these incredible volcanic soils translate into the wine with spicy, iron and mineral laden elements.


This is a slightly richer, sweeter example of Madeira so we’d be inclined to head towards chocolate, cakes and puds such as Tiramisu, Toffee pudding or now that the season is almost upon us, Christmas Cake and Mince Pies. Salty or astringent Cheeses, Nuts and heartier Game will also work and absolute treat. Alternatively you could jump on the train to Gastronomic Town and pair it with pretty much and delicious mushroom dish you can think of.

Bottle Size 375ml

Product Code: JU203HNV