Oloroso, Solera 1842, VOS, Valdespino, Jerez, SPA


Juice NV Oloroso, Solera 1842, VOS, Valdespino, Jerez, SPA
Grape 90% Palomino, 10% Pedro Ximénez
Farming Traditional, Vegan
Tasting Note Notes of rich dried fruits, nuts and caramel. Smooth and full bodied on the palate with excellent length.


Valdespino is one of the oldest bodegas in Jerez, with a history of Sherry production going back six centuries. Back in 1264, Alfonso Valdespino was one of 24 knights who fought against the Arabs for the city of Jerez with King Alfonso X. As a reward for his efforts, he was given the land that formed the basis of the bodega. Today Valdespino belongs to the Estevez family, who purchased the bodega in 1999. They own 750 hectares of vineyards in Jerez, including the renowned 'Macharnudo' Pago.


Valdespino’s incredible vineyard holdings ownership allows them very close control over grape quality. They are one of the few bodegas to make single-vineyard Sherries and are also renowned for their VOS (Very Old Sherry) with over 20 years of ageing and VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry) with over 30 years of ageing. As far as Very Old Sherry’s go we personally think that the above has no peer. It is just an absolutely cracking expression of Oloroso.


Warm, full-bodied and intense: the marvels of Oloroso caress the palate like Leo Dicaprio did to Kate Winslet in Titanic. The pairings can get freaky like Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice, think about the most traditional meat casseroles, Pork Cheeks, Lamb Shanks, pretty much any slowly crafted stew casserole or straight up steaks & ribs. How about aged Cheeses you ask? Sure, absolutely no problem actually just anything that goes with the roasted, spicy, leathery and nutty aromas of Oloroso.

Bottle Size 375ml

Product Code: VA806HNV