Kerner, Cantina d'isarco, Trentido Alto-Adige, ITA


Juice 2020 Kerner, Cantina Valle d’Isarco, Trentino Alto-Adige, ITA
Grape 100% Kerner
Farming Traditional
Tasting Note The palate is fresh, intense and spiced. Wonderfully aromatic with notes of stone fruit including peach and apricot. The palate is very expressive and well balanced with great acidity and length.


Based in the Eisack Valley, northern Italy, Cantina Valle Isarco is the youngest wine-making cooperative in Alto Adige. Typical for the Eisack Valley are the light, well-aerated soils and the rather dry climate. Whereas at the beginning of the 1960s it was mainly red wines that were cultivated, today the Cantina Valle Isarco is known for its first-class white wines.


We fell that the aromatic whites of Alto-Adige offer excellent value for money when compared to other historical ‘powerhouse’ regions producing wines of the same style. This is further compounded by cooperatives such as Cantina d’Isacro because the economies of scale allow these types of operations to offer the consumer cracking wines at very sharp pricing without compromising on quality.


The Kerner variety is incredibly versatile when pairing with food and is easily paired with light appetisers such as an array of antipasti along with hard cheeses and lighter, white fleshed fished with a very simple seasoning of salt, pepper and a liberal splash of good EVO. We’d also be inclined to pair it with spicy South-East Asian dishes like Laksa, Hot and Sour Soup, or aromatic fish curries.

Bottle Size 750ml

Product Code: IS02020