Barbaresco, Bruno Rocca, Piedmont, ITA


Juice 2017 Barbaresco, Bruno Rocca, Piedmont, ITA
Grape Nebbiolo 100%
Farming Practising Organic, Vegan
ABV 14.5%
Tasting Note The nose has fruity aromas of blackberries, wild black cherries and plums with overtones of subtle rose, violet with hints of spice. Warm and elegant, the long-lasting flavours finish with a hint of cocoa.


The Rocca family originates from Barbaresco. Bruno Rocca took charge of the family business when his father died in 1978, and decided that all the wine produced by the estate would from then on be sold in bottle. The family now has 15 hectares of vineyards. Stylistically, Bruno is a consummate modernist, making wines with great intensity of fruit while retaining the structure and elegance of the Langhe at its best.


This is a classic example of the age old saying that if Barolo is the king of wines from Piedmont then Barbaresco is the Queen. It is an elegant, regal expression of the most noble of Italian varietals and we just love the way Bruno Rocca is able to showcase both excellent varietal typicity and an incredible sense of place. This wine is absolute sex in a glass so be sure to prepare yourself for the ensuing mouthgasm.


You could do a hell of a lot worse than putting on a massive spread of all things cured and delicious of the meat variety as the freshness and vibrancy of the wine is the perfect counterpoint for the sweet fatty flavours of cured meats whilst the savoury notes will harmonise with the salty elements inherent in said meats. One could head down the fungi root, the classic local pairing with truffle is killer. The local breed of cattle, Fassone Piemontese, with its excellent flavour and marbling is a brilliant combo. We’d suggest to barbecue it though it’s not a steadfast rule and if you can’t hunt down cuts of this tasty cow simply substitute with another tasty cut of cow.

Bottle Size 750ml

Product Code: RO306B17