Chardonnay, Giant Steps, Yarra Valley, AUS


Juice 2018 Chardonnay, Giant Steps, Yarra Valley, AUS
Grape 100% Chardonnay
Farming Traditional, Vegan
Tasting Note The nose shows classic Yarra characters of fresh melon and intense citrus favours, underpinned with notes of marzipan and hazelnut. Crisp acidity ensures a refreshing, clean finish.


Giant Steps is a privately owned, estate based, Yarra Valley grower and winemaker that has forged a reputation for delivering some of Australia’s most consistent, over-performing, single vineyard varietal wines. The Yarra Valley range of wines is made from hand-picked fruit from the estate vineyards.


Head winemaker Steve Flamsteed and his team are making some of the best wines in Australia from these sites. Their aim is to express in each wine the character of the Yarra Valley, grape and vintage, and this they achieve by meticulous work in the vineyards and minimum intervention in the winery.


This is very much a medium bodied Chardonnay underpinned by wonderful freshness so we like slightly creamy dishes such as risotto. Milanese would be a lovely foil for the freshness and lactic notes in the wine or if you’re not a fan of meat then why not whip up and mushroom or even pumpkin risotto. Sticking with the pumpkin theme, Pumpkin Ravioli with burnt butter and sage sauce would be an absolute winner and if you want to take the pairing to the next level you could toast some hazelnuts and then grate some fresh ones over the top of the ravioli to accentuate the hazelnut characters of the wine.

Product Code: GS209B18