Chenin Blanc, Fairview, Coastal Region, SA


Juice 2019 Chenin Blanc, Fairview, Coastal Region, SA
Grape 100% Chenin Blanc
Farming Traditional
Tasting Note The nose displays tropical aromas of pineapple and hints of citrus. The palate is fresh and crisp with lively acidity and flavours of lime and mineral hints on the long finish.


Fairview is situated on the lower slopes of Mount Paarl, which is more sheltered from the moderating maritime influence than nearby Stellenbosch. The property was bought by the grandfather of current owner Charles Back in 1937. The Fairview estate now has a total of 680 hectares of vineyard over four appellations: Paarl (350 hectares), Swartland (155 hectares), Darling (140 hectares) and Stellenbosch (35 hectares). This vineyard ownership in so many different regions allows Charles to produce a wide range of wines, from grapes grown in optimal conditions.


We love the Fairview range as they offer exceptional value for money on our Q v P scale. The estate has a reputation for consistent quality across a range of innovative styles, using both classic and unusual varieties, and leads the field in South Africa in matching varieties to specific sites. The breadth of the offer and consistency across the board is another reason why we will continue to champion their wines.


Lighter style South African Chenin Blanc’s such as this expression would lend themselves perfectly to slightly fattier fish. The vibrant acidity will slice through and balance slicing the aforementioned fat content. Seafood tartare such as tuna tartare or even a salmon and avocado tartare would be delightful. In fact, avocado generally, so even a classic prawn cocktail wouldn’t go astray. We’ve mentioned salmon already but if raw isn’t your thing then why not try the smoked variety with, you guessed it, avocado! Look no further than the above wine for fish and chip Fridays and if you’re really lazy then just get a tub of Fish Paté and some nice crusty bread.

Bottle Size 750ml

Product Code: FA222B19