Etna Rosso, Carusu, Terazze dell’Etna, Sicily, ITA


Juice 2018 Etna Rosso, Carusu, Terazze dell’Etna, Sicily, ITA
Grape 80% Nerello Mascalese 20% Nerello Cappuccio
Farming Practising Organic
Tasting Note The nose is elegant, with delicate perfumes and notes of ripe red fruit and spice. It has a wonderful volcanic nuance and hints of cured meat. Round, soft, yet dry tannins on the palate lead to an elegant finish.


Professore Antonio Bevilacqua is an engineer by profession, and has a very successful business based in Palermo and Milan that ensures he travels the world. He is very proud of his Sicilian origins, so in 2007 he decided to start buying land in Etna with a view to producing the best wines possible. Today he has 35 hectares of vineyard plus 20 that he rents and manages, on the slopes of Etna. Warm days and cool nights, combined with volcanic low vigour soil, ensures wines of great intensity from low yielding vines.


This expression of Etna Rosso is everything we love in a wine and everything we love about wine. Varietal typicity, purity and sense of place are a cornerstone of our buying philosophy. This wine has each in abundance and is quite simply the perfect portrait of the site where it is produced. The volcanic nuances on display immediately draw the mind to midnight black soils rising slowly up to a smouldering, smoking volcanic crater. If we drew a comparison we’d say it’s as about as Volcanic a wine as the Queen is English.


An incredibly versatile wine to pair with though we feel that it is absolutely phenomenal with charcuterie and in particular of the cured of smoked variety. The volcanic nuances pair for obvious reasons and the savoury, meaty characters too for that matter. The vibrancy and freshness is a perfect foil to the fattiness of the meat and if you want to move away from meat then we’d be inclined to suggest grilled veggies, preferably over coals and or wood to enhance the smoky flavours.

Bottle Size 750ml

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