Vinho Verde, Azevedo, Vinho Verde, POR


Juice 2019 Vinho Verde, Azevedo, Vinho Verde, POR
Grape 70% Loureiro 30% Albariño
Farming Traditional, Vegan
Tasting Note It has intense aromas of fresh citrus fruit, ripe mango, nectarine and grapefruit zest. Refreshing on the palate with aromatic citrus notes and a lively acidity. This wine has a balanced and crisp finish.


When Fernando Guedes acquired this historic estate in 1982, he immediately set out to transform it and pioneered the production of quality Vinho Verde. He revolutionised the viticulture by planting 35 hectares of cordon-trained vineyards, rather than the traditional high-trained pergolas, and built a modern winery with state-of-the-art facilities for the production of fresh and elegant wines. Today, winemaker António Braga makes an impressive range of whites, all marked by a signature freshness and pure and precise flavours.


The modern cordon-trained system for the vines employed by Azevedo ensures better exposure and aeration of the vines, which prevents disease and provides better exposure for the grapes, resulting in riper and healthier fruit at harvest. This coupled with the gentle stirring of the lees prior to bottling equates to a wine that has texture and weight to balance the freshness and zip of the wine. We just love the drinkability of this wine. It’s dangerous, the type of bottle you open and before you know it you’ve polished the whole thing!


We love guzzling Vinho Verde, washing down mouthfuls of a myriad of different dishes. Poached Cod in tomato and herb sauce, lightly fried squid with chilli and herbs or even a super fresh plate of ceviche as the citrus notes of the wine will enhance the vibrant flavours on the plate. It will quite happily pairing with more subtle and creamy cheeses or you can forgo pairings all together and just enjoy the slightly effervescent, green apple crunch and pop of the wine in all its glory.

Bottle Size 750ml

Product Code: QZ103B19